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Drives Engagement; 
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 Daniel R. Verdon

is an award-winning healthcare editor/author, content strategist and editorial operations leader. This website showcases his work and professional career to foster dialogue about opportunities 
within your organization.

About Me

My career has focused on helping healthcare content teams build quality, useful, relevant and timely information on a variety of patforms.

I like to foster the spirit of continuous improvement in all facets of my life. I believe that great teams are cultivated through mentoring, good communication, shared vision, and collaboration. Teamwork is the most powerful resource we have in delivering on our professional and personal goals. 


I am looking for a terrific opportunity to help build a high-quality editorial program that aligns to your organizational mission and drives growth in the many ways it is measured.



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Seven Ways I will Help Your Organization

1. Multiply Reader Engagement
2. Business Brand Development
3. Short- and Long-Term Strategies
4. Collaboration with external and internal stakeholders
5. Team Building
6. Research to Measure Success and Share Intelligence
7. Experiment and Apply 
Take a look at my experience and accomplishments,

Focus Your Healthcare Content Strategy

Building meaningful, relevant, and credible content remains a pillar for associations, media publishing, and other organizations... does creating an experience that allows readers/members to easily access a variety of content types to help guide them through the complexity of healthcare issues. 

Team Approaches to Multimedia

Video: Collaborate with Thought Leaders

Quality made simple

In this video sample, Dr. Mark R. Chassin, MD, president and CEO of the Joint Commission describes the concept of high reliability in health care. Video can be a powerful approach to multimedia, but it doesn't have to be a significant and costly production to extend a media brand effectively. 

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All Videos

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Podcasts: Elevate the Message 

Multimedia that extends the brand

Voices in Healthcare Finance was a podcast created to test the popularity of the medium with a healthcare audience. Podcasts rank as an important and cost-effective platform.